Mindfulness and Well-Being

Archetypal Tarot Reading

60 / 90 minutes ($165 / $235)

Embark on  the "Hero's Journey" through this ancient tool of divination. The universal archetypes within the Tarot provide insights and awaken deep wisdom as your own inner path unfolds.

The Life Path System of Numerology

60 / 90 minutes ($165 / $235) Birth name, present name and date of birth required. 

The Pythagorean "Life Path System" of numerology is calculated by your date of birth.  The wisdom of each number shines light on hidden talents available to fulfill your life's purpose. Insight into relationships and personal year cycles are also available through this ancient tradition. In seeking to fulfill the adage, "Know Thyself," this powerful but simple tool brings light to our inner journey. 

Guided Imagery Meditation

60 / 90 minutes ($165 / $235)

Through directed imagery and soothing music, the overactive mind surrenders to a deep healing state of reverie. This highly-focused awareness and concentration transforms perceived limitations into pure potential. Medical centers and sports psychologists utilize this practice to enhance performance and expedite the healing process.


60 / 90 minutes ($165 / $235)

Hypnosis is a gentle and natural way of accessing deep states of relaxation. The subconscious mind is now available to shift attention into positive, affirming suggestions. The experience of hypnotherapy can be applied to a wide range of concerns. At the completion of the session, instruction on self-hypnosis is provided. 

Mindful Meditation

60 / 90 minutes ($165 / $235)

This unique practice of meditation enables balance and well-being to be present in every moment. The classic Mindful Body Scan Meditation is experienced in this session. The application of Mindful Eating and Walking Meditation are introduced to complete this mindful moment. 

Astrological Soul Reading

60 / 90 minutes ($165 / $235)

Gain insight into the story of your soul's journey through your astrological birth chart, which is calculated by your birth date, time and place (city and state). Our astrologer can help center and empower you with knowledge of what you brought into this lifetime to work on and where you are moving forward to on your specific path.