The Spa at CopperWynd

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Revitalize the senses at The Spa at CopperWynd with luxurious massages, facials or one of our signature treatments.  Relax in an ambiance of quiet luxury and tranquility. Men’s and women’s locker rooms feature steam and whirlpool plus keyless lockers, plush robes and towels. The relaxation room is a low-light, serene space with Rolf Benz chaise lounges, Barcelona lounge chairs and a custom, shimmering, silver bead wall.

**Luzern Oxygen Facials Now Available Here!**


Amethyst – Signature Swedish Massage

60/90 Minutes ($120 / $165)

The beautiful, purple amethyst is said to have a calming and spiritual quality. Amethyst infused oil is used to release tension and stress from the body and mind, inviting a peaceful mindset. This soothing, full-body massage uses light to medium pressure to calm and relax the nervous system. The treatment concludes with a series of soothing and nurturing stillness holds to draw you into a state of deep peace and relaxation.

Blue Sage & Arnica - Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage

60/90 Minutes ($120 / $165)

Blends of potent, pain-relieving arnica, relaxing lavender and healing sage are used for this penetrating therapeutic massage. We target areas of pain or tension with deep tissue and neuro-muscular techniques to release held tensions, free and loosen the entire body. Finally, a concentrated arnica salve will be applied to areas where deep work has happened, to enhance muscle relief. The perfect thing whether you have worked out hard or simply feel tense all over – your muscles will be on the way to feeling relaxed, supple, and completely refreshed.

Rapid Recovery

60 Minutes ($120)

A replenishing, repairing, and energizing treatment designed to improve muscle function and recovery by incorporating a blend of essential oils to help invigorate and restore sore and inflamed muscles. Stretches and hot towels compress the muscles of the back and enhance mobility, while stimulation of shiatsu points on the side of the spine helps boost energy. A trans-dermal magnesium gel soothes and reinvigorates muscles. The treatment concludes by integrating energy points with a relaxing warm oil scalp massage.

Desert Herbal - Custom Aromatherapy Massage

60/90 Minutes ($120 / $165)

Elevate the healing potential of your massage, and receive a treatment tailored to your individual needs with our customized aromatherapy experience. Offering blends of indigenous, organic botanicals formulated for specific results, paired with massage techniques to match.

New Vitality - Reflexology Massage

60 Minutes ($120)

Focusing on the legs and feet, this stimulating therapy can have a powerful effect on the whole body. More energy, a sense of balance, and reduction of pain are all commonly reported after reflex zone therapy. The benefits are enhanced with a detoxifying blend of organic essences, and the application of a magnesium-rich gel to soothe and restore healthy muscle function.

Earth & Sky – Herbal Poultice Massage

90 Minutes ($165)

Choose between two of our signature oil blends, and receive a full-body loosening massage including stretches to open the flow of energy through the body. On each stretch, hot herbal poultices filled with wild chaparral (creosote bush) and soothing herbs are pressed along the length of the muscle. This relieves joint pain and greatly increases range of motion and circulation throughout the body. The treatment concludes with long, deep strokes that sweep away any remaining tensions, leaving you pulsing with renewed energy.