Body Treatments

Turquoise Rain Salt Scrub

60 Minutes ($120)

This refreshing, skin-revitalizing treatment uses a native blue corn, aloe and turquoise-infused body polish. It leaves skin delightfully soft and hydrated, and puts the fun and fizz back into life with enlivening essences of organic mint and cajeput. Turquoise, called "sky stone" by Native Americans, is a master healer and a strong stone for toning and strengthening the entire body and regenerating tissue. We finish with a deeply hydrating application of body lotion.

Violet Flame Body Ritual

90 minutes / ($165)

Amethyst crystals are the foundation for this decadent experience, and are incorporated throughout the treatment. The amethyst crystal is known to bring a sense of healing, grounding, balance, happiness and well-being to the body, mind, and soul. It amplifies spiritual awareness, connection and heightened intuition. This purification treatment begins with a gently exfoliating sugar scrub, followed by a luxurious body wash, and concludes with a profound double layering of hydration and shea butter. A soothing foot massage using amethyst stones will leave you feeling centered and serene.

Flourish Body Polish

60 minutes ($120)

Flourish with the lasting glow of this treatment, in combination with our prickly pear gel which is blended with your choice of essential oils.  Skin is polished with a fine sugar-based scrub to smooth away dull skin.  The body is then luxuriously enveloped in a rich, hydrating body butter.

Chaparral Custom Body Wrap

90 minutes ($165)

The ultimate personilization of your body wrap: choose from two different blends--one grounding, the other uplifting.  A body polish using your blend, drenched in jojoba oil and extract of chaparral leaf, smooths the skin. Chaparral has been used by Native healers for centuries to protect the skin from sun damage.  It gives the unmistakable scent of the desert after a rain storm.