CopperWynd Swim Coaching

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Private Lesson $65 (45 min)
Semi-private Lesson $35 per student (45 min)
Group Lessons $25 per student (30 min)

Private lesson discounts available for package of 3 or 5 visits. No refunds on missed lessons or late cancels.
Cancellation policy is 24 hours notice. We reserve the right to cancel groups that do not meet the minimum of four
children. Swimmers please bring goggles, swim cap, fins, and kickboard. Elite athlete coaching also available.

Level One – Introduction to Water Skills - Beginner. Prerequisite is age 4 or 5.
Level Two – Fundamental Aquatic Skills - Advanced beginner. Must be able to float and kick on the front and back supported, wet face and
blow bubbles at least 5 seconds, roll over supported, recover to standing.
Level Three - Stroke Development - Learning freestyle breathing technique and backstroke. Must be able to do a combined stroke front and
back for 15 feet, float front and back without support, roll over and change direction, tread in water chest deep.
Level Four - Stroke Improvement - Learning breaststroke and butterfly. Must be able to swim backstroke and freestyle with rotary breathing;
butterfly kick; tread water, back, and front float 30 seconds in deep water, change position from vertical to horizontal front and back.
Level Five - Stroke Refinement - Learning all strokes and turns for competition. Must be able to swim backstroke and freestyle for 25 yards;
breaststroke and butterfly for 15 yards, perform front dive; tread, float front and back for 1 minute each in deep water; and open turn.