The Only Way To Really Lose Weight

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You’ve probably been reading about reality weight-loss shows and how contestants gain back the large amounts of weight lost quickly during the show’s season.

Rapid weight loss is unhealthy and the studies done on TV contestants prove that it also doesn’t last. There is a better way to achieve optimum health and it’s not just about weight loss, but involves the whole body and mind to truly be effective.

That is what happens at our upcoming fitness camps.  It starts with reality.

Changing a habit, or introducing a new one, takes time and perseverance. There isn’t a quick fix if you want to achieve a sustainable lifestyle change. Consistency and commitment to a program of eating well, exercising regularly and maintaining a positive mental attitude are key to lifestyle transformation.

You don’t have the time? Nonsense. You can start with a commitment of one hour a day - and very probably you’ve been spending an hour daily watching “The Biggest Loser” and similar. Toss the remote control, tie on the trainers, and start creating a new you in 60 minutes.

Programs such as our Ultimate Fyt/X 4-week fitness camp, going on now, can help invigorate your commitment to exercise.

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Find ways to move that you actually enjoy. Exercising outdoors in nature can make working out more enjoyable, so why not start with an early morning hike or jog? Take your fitness routine outside for a few minutes to jump rope, hula hoop or ride a bike. And take a moment afterwards to register how good you feel. Are you a little bit happier, do you feel more energetic? That’s the payback of a good exercise routine.

Learn to choose healthy foods and nutritious snacks to help fuel your body for higher energy, and stay well hydrated to maintain that energy level throughout the day. Whether you’re sitting long hours at an office job, working from home or traveling across time zones, the right foods will help you feel better.

How do you fuel your mind? Meditation, contemplation in nature, what you read and who you listen to all affect your mindset and outlook. Change it to reflect what you want to be.

In reality, achieving optimum health is a goal each of us can attain and maintain, if we focus on the long term.

But it can start in just an hour a day. Say that to yourself when you hear doubts. “Sixty minutes...I have one hour to forge a new, fitter me.”

This is where it starts.