Do the Latest London Fitness Craze in Arizona

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A Phoenician has to smile when discovering that the hot fitness craze sweeping London now is hot yoga, hot boxing, hot barre, hot just about everything as Londoners turn up the thermostats and sweat buckets.

They are paying for what we in Phoenix-Scottsdale can enjoy for free. Their belief?

The Evening Standard quoted hot barre teacher Paola Di Lanzo: “You will sweat like never before and leave the class feeling invigorated and energised.”

She added that exercise in the heat flushes toxins from the system and in the bargain “the body has to work harder to cool itself off when you exercise in the heat, so a hot barre class will increase the metabolic load and the calories burned during your session.”

The magic temperature in London appears to be 32 degrees Celsius, about 90 F.

Bikram yoga, when done according to the official guidelines, is at 40 C - about 105 F.

In Phoenix-Scottsdale, our average July high is about 104F. Many days go above 110F.

You want hot yoga, hot Pilates, hot barre, hot boxing? Go outside and do it here, around 4 p.m.

A number of places have formalized outdoor “hot” classes or you can just ad hoc it yourself. Step outside with a yoga mat in the late afternoon and you are in a DIY hot yoga class and it happens with no negative environmental load (as would be the case when a room is heated very hot).

Is it crazy to do hot workouts?

No - but it is wise to take precautions.

Wear thin, light clothing.

Stay out of the direct sunlight.

Hydrate copiously.

Are there in fact benefits to exercise involving heavy perspiration? FITNESS Magazine ticked off a bunch of benefits, including: it eases pains; it does indeed purge toxins; is said to help prevent colds; it regulates body temperature; and it lowers kidney stone risk.

So drink lots of water because the more you drink, the more you will perspire.

But here’s an oddity about fitness: you may not see yourself perspiring in Arizona. If it is a high humidity, monsoon day, you will indeed sweat large, visible buckets.

But on other days, when humidity is in the single digits, the perspiration may simply evaporate.

Whether you see it or not, you will get the benefits.

You are feeling light-headed in an outdoor, high-heat routine? Stop. Be mindful of the state of your health and know that the Arizona heat does exact its own tolls.

But if you are feeling good, stay at it and know that you are riding the hot London fitness craze - and you are doing it at no extra charge and you are enjoying the spectacular Valley of the Sun summer landscape in the bargain.

Now how cool is that.