Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions and answers are designed to provide prospective member with an understanding of The Club at CopperWynd and the membership opportunities available to them. In addition to this Q & A, please read the Membership Plan and Rules and Regulations before purchasing a membership.

Q: What is the purpose of The Club?

A: The Club is a place where you and your family can relax, play, meet interesting and active new people, enjoy magnificent recreational facilities and participate in creative, entertaining and stimulating programs and activities. The goal of The Club is to provide an exceptional country club lifestyle and service excellence to our members and guests.

Q: What is the membership opportunity at The Club?

A: The Club at CopperWynd is an exclusive private country club located in the CopperWynd residential community on the border of Scottsdale and Fountain Hills, Arizona, featuring outstanding tennis, swimming, fitness, spa, dining, social and lodging facilities. The Club’s services and facilities are available to both residents of The Villas at CopperWynd and Cordabella at CopperWynd, as well as to residents from the surrounding communities. There are two classifications of memberships available: Premier and Signature.

Q: What recreational and social facilities will be available to members?

A: The Club’s elegant, European-inspired 26,500 square foot clubhouse is the focal point of The Club’s social events and activities, and features clubhouse and poolside dining, private dining room, board room, lounge and bar, luxurious spa facilities and services, aerobics and spinning, health and Fitness Centers, sports boutique and full-service men’s and women’s locker rooms, featuring a wet-steam room and whirlpool spa in each.

The Club’s extraordinary tennis facility includes nine lighted championship tennis courts including our center court with stadium seating, and a tennis pro shop with a spectator terrace.

The Club has two heated swimming pools, a secluded garden water therapy pool, a poolside Pavilion bar and grill, and a spacious special events lawn.

Exquisite lodging accommodations will also be available at CopperWynd Resort, offering 32 luxury oversized guest bedrooms with gracious appointments, fireplaces and private balconies.

Q: What are the privileges of each membership classification?

A: Premier membership includes access to the tennis facilities, swimming pools, Fitness Center and programs, spa facilities and services, other clubhouse amenities, all of the dining and social activities and programs that The Club offers. Premier members will enjoy a four-day advance sign-up privilege to reserve tennis courts and are not required to pay court fees.

Signature membership offers members access to the swimming areas, Fitness Center and programs, spa facilities and services, dining and other clubhouse amenities, as well as all of the social activities and programs The Club offers.

Q: What are the special features of the Premier and Signature memberships in The Club?

A: Unlike many private country club memberships, the initiation fee for the Premier and Signature memberships is a fully refundable. Membership Deposit (less a 50% administration fee) with an additional transferable feature when selling back through The Club. If you are a resident of CopperWynd wishing to sell your home, this is an important feature because the number of memberships in The Club is limited and the subsequent purchaser of your property can be guaranteed the availability of a membership in The Club.

Q: What am I obligated to pay for a membership in The Club?

A: You are obligated to pay a refundable Membership Deposit for the Premier and Signature memberships in an amount determined by The Club from time to time, together with the applicable monthly dues.

Q: When will the Membership Deposit be repaid to the Member?

A: Each Member who acquires a Premier or Signature membership will be entitled to receive a refund of his or her Membership Deposit, without interest, 30 years from the date of the member’s admission to The Club. If the Member resigns from The Club before the end of the 30-year period, the Member will be entitled to receive the Membership Deposit paid, without interest, within 30 days after the reissuance of the Member’s membership by The Club to a new Member.

Q: May I invite guests to The Club?

A: Having your friends enjoy The Club’s outstanding facilities with you is a wonderful attribute of membership in The Club. Therefore, members are encouraged to invite guests to The Club upon payment of a guest fee and subject to reasonable rules and regulations adopted by The Club to preserve the exclusivity of its facilities and their availability for members.

Q: Will my family members be welcome at The Club?

A: The ability to spend quality time with members of the family is of paramount importance. The Club is committed to providing a pleasant environment where this can be accomplished. Each membership in The Club is a family membership, which includes full privileges for spouses and unmarried children under the age of 23, who either live at home or attend school on a full-time basis. The Club intends to provide programs and activities that are appealing to family members of all ages.

Q: As a resident of the CopperWynd community, what happens if I do not acquire a membership in The Club right away?

A: If you do not acquire a membership within 60 days from the date of closing on your CopperWynd residence, you and/or the subsequent purchaser of your property in CopperWynd may acquire a membership at a later date only if one is available and not reserved by The Club and only upon payment of the Membership Deposit which is then in effect at the time the membership is acquired.

Q: How do I sell my membership?

A: A Member may transfer his or her membership only to The Club. Should a Member desire to resign from The Club, the Member shall be required to give written notice to The Club. The resigned membership will be placed on a waiting list.

Q: Can members be assessed to cover any operating deficits or capital improvements?

A: No. Members will not be subject to any assessments for operating deficits or capital improvements. The Owner will be responsible for all deficits incurred in the operation of The Club and its facilities and for the cost of all capital improvements.

Q: Will there be any other types of membership available in The Club?

A: The Club will offer Corporate Memberships to businesses in the surrounding community. Corporate Members will have the same access to The Club Facilities as a regular Member in the corresponding category of membership. The Club will also offer a limited number of Honorary Memberships to designated persons.

Q: How will The Club keep informed of the desires of the members?

A: The Club is committed to providing the types of services, programs, activities and events that the membership is desirous of having. An Advisory Board of Governors composed of members of The Club has been formed and will enable members to have input on the foregoing items as well as other matters that will benefit the members.

Q: How do I become a Member?

A: To become a Member of The Club, you must submit to The Club a fully completed and signed Membership Agreement, together with a check in the amount of 25% of the required Membership Deposit for Premier or Signature. The balance will be due after written acceptance by The Club. The Agreement and the check should be submitted to the Membership Director.

Q: What if I have additional questions?

A: Please feel free to contact our Membership Office at:

Membership Director The Club at CopperWynd 13225 North EagleRidge Drive Fountain Hills, Arizona 85268 480.333.1844

This is a general description of the membership opportunities available at The Club and should not be relied on for the purpose of deciding to acquire a residence in the CopperWynd Community or a membership in The Club.